Holy Trinity Branch of the Mothers’ Union

The Holy Trinity Mothers Union Branch was re-launched in May 2018. The Branch leader is Mrs Katharine Kilgour, and the Secretary is Mrs Hazel O’Hara, Mrs May Sanders is the branch Mothers Union Enterprise Rep and we have a vacancy for Treasurer.
Anyone wishing to join please contact Katharine Kilgour,  branch leader
Membership is open to men and women who are baptised and willing to commit support for the Mothers’ Union’s aims and objectives.

Our aims and objectives are:

  • To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of their children
  • To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service
  • To promote conditions in society favourable to stable family life and the protection of children
  • To help those whose family life has met with adversity
  • To promote and support married life
Can’t commit to this promise, or want more information? Please get in touch by phone 01698 672399 or email holytrinitymothersunion@gmail.com – or why not consider becoming a Friend to Mothers’ Union.