Provincial President of MU visits Motherwell

22nd August 2018

Pictured above – Deputy Lord Lieutenant John Brown (centre with insignia) and Jean McPherson Richardson to his right – front row.

Tuesday 21st August Jean McPherson Richardson – Provincial President of the Mothers’ Union for Scotland visited Motherwell at the invitation of the Holy Trinity Branch of Mothers’ Union. The Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire was represented by Depute Mr John Brown DL. Coffee and lunch were provided for guests.

The main event (pictured) was a visit to the Mothers’ Union Re-Launch Exhibition at the North Lanarkshire Heritage Centre, Motherwell. The occasion provided an opportunity to meet local MU members from Motherwell and Hamilton branches.  Wider community contacts joined us who had supported the exhibition.

President Jean Richardson addressed the group after lunch expressing thanks to the Holy Trinity Branch for their hospitality. Jean commended all their efforts in reviving the work of the Mothers’ Union in the locality. She praised the ‘outward looking’ approach to fulfilling the objects and aims of the worldwide movement. Jean was accompanied by Elizabeth Benton – the Diocesan President for the Mothers’ Union in the United Diocese of St.Andrew’s Dunkeld and Dunblane.