Open Sunday 2nd August

29th July 2020

Rector Rev Richard Kilgour has said ‘we are a pleased to be able to announce our re-opening and look forward to welcoming people back to church from Sunday August 2nd until further notice’

Agreement has been made with the Bishop to progress to re-opening Holy Trinity Church for services from next Sunday August 2nd for the 9.30am service of Holy Eucharist and then Wednesday 5th August at 9.45 am.

In line with the present guidance from the Scottish Bishops the church buildings will be prepared for people to access by observing the kind of measures now universally applied for public interaction indoors; including hygiene, social distancing and other arrangements such as use of face coverings. Ahead of the opening, the church has been cleaned by commercial contractors

With 2 meter distancing the maximum capacity is 24 people for a service. Signage will make clear what is expected as people arrive. Hand hygiene measures will be available. Seating will be organised for 24 people to be accommodated, and contact details will be noted for attendance. Individual orders of service will be provided replacing use of books. The service will be said, without singing, and will probably last about 30 minutes. Access to communion will be organised with distancing measures and limited contact in mind. . Access to the toilet facilities will be provided for worshippers.

People are being encouraged to continue make their free will offerings by bank transfers etc. but there will be an offering plate available.

If you have a question please get in touch with the Rector 01698 672399